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Life is like obstacle races. 

It is expected, yet unpredictable. 

It says you are responsible, yet it's uncontrollable. 

All the social and cultural expectations have taught us to be "perfect". 

Feeling love and happiness is life. 

Feeling devastated and lost is also life. 

We are here to make mistakes and learn from them,

however many times we want.


You’ve probably tried meditation, grounding techniques and reading many self-help books… or maybe you've tried drinking or smoking something, which is totally fine. The problem with these strategies is that you are not treating the source of your struggles and unhealthy patterns.

There is a part of you that says YES, and there is another part that says NO. You are constantly pulled to both ideas, yet they seem to come from yourself... For example, one side says "Hey, you should break up with him," and one side says "No way, why would I do that?" Should I do it, should I not? Is that good for me or bad for me? 

Many clients have expressed that they are exhausted with their reoccurring symptoms as well as the energy and time that they spent on looking for the answer to heal. There is so much information at many levels on Google, and it can be extremely overwhelming and discouraging to go through. 

I am here to help you navigate which part you want to put in your driver seat and move forward. 


Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (#3007)

Vancouver Women's Health Collective 

- Trauma Counsellor 

Professional Counselling Diploma

- 2 year full-time program

Life Skills certified coach

- 6 month full-time program

B.A in Comparative Culture and Education 

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