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Hi again,

Cheating, white lies, different values, arguments, and emotional pain.

You don't have to go through this
by yourself. 

You’ve probably tried meditation, grounding techniques and reading many self-help books… or maybe you've tried drinking or smoking something, which is totally fine :). The problem with these strategies is that you are not treating the source of your struggles and patterns. 

I know how hard it is to feel shitty about myself. I would tell myself “I meditated this morning, I had a bath and I still feel so down...WHY?!” I just wanted to feel better and happy. 

I will give you one of my personal examples from the old days:

I used to feel EXTREMELY anxious when my partner was away with his friends. 

“Bachelor party and going away for a few nights?? No way! How am I supposed to know that he will not hurt me? “

My inner dialogue was going on and on and on…. I was not able to sleep for those nights. In my mind, I already had broken up with him by the time he came home. Honestly, it was exhausting..... 

​The worst part though is that I treated him like he was cheating on me when he was simply having fun with his friends. I was cold to him, and acted like I was upset. He had no clue.... Of course he didn’t! Because he wasn’t doing anything wrong! (I am so sorry, James!) 

I was hiding my truth that I was scared to be left alone. I was avoiding talking about it, and having a vulnerable and embarrassing conversation with him.

​As we know to some degree, relationships can be complicated and challenging. You may be happy by yourself, but are you also happy when you are in a committed relationship? 

Your mind says one thing and you feel differently. That is normal. Your mind says “No, he is not for me” and your action is going to his apartment. Why? 

My approach helps you understand yourself deeply and why you keep taking unhealthy actions in your relationships.

Let’s be honest. Good relationships require work. There is no one shot solution.


However, most of the time, I am a “supportive, empathetic and loving person” to my husband, family and friends. I am not resented when I give my time. I don’t feel guilty when I say no to them. My partner thinks that I am the best wife (he has a song too)! Maybe… I am : )! 

I am a graduate of the Professional Counselling Program at Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver, Canada. I have been seeing clients who want to feel safe and happy with their partners, family members and themselves! I’d be honoured to support you to have a relationship with a solid foundation. 

On a personal note, I am a late blooming rock-climber, who climbs 3-4 times a week. My goal is to ascend V7 (Bouldering Grade) in Squamish and Mizugaki in 2022! Never too late to start anything you want! 

I also love exploring DIY skin care. If you would like to try my climb lotion bar, I am the person to ask!

Any questions?

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